Our technological infrastructure

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Our technological infrastructure


Anitaş Logistics follows up daily innovations that have investment priorities for technology fields after human resource and performs improvements according to demands and requirements. Anitaş logistic has ERP systems, integration processes, vehicle monitoring and chase programmes considering service targets.

Our ERP System

Within the scope of our company ERP solutions and all storing and transportation processes developped accordin g to our projects and customer demands can be monitorred, reported and can be transmitted online. Anitaş Logistics can be integrated with many programmes like ERP SAP and Oracle and can provide data transfers and order transfers. In addition improvements according to special demands by customers, online monitoring and reporting screens can be transmitted to the customers.

GPRS Tracking System

In all of our fillos we use in our Özmal vehicles and dedicated vehicle park management we give GPRS tracking service. We monitor all of our transportation processes including heating tracking special for the product, vehicles’ location, speed, reaching of the vehicles to the target are informed and all these processes are reported to our customers in private. Receiver locations, warehouses and the locations on PGRS software are determined and our vehicles’ entrance and exit performances are tracked by GPRS software.    

Visual Monitoring Applications

Akse Storing Facility is monitored by pc and mobile devices seven days a week and 24 hours for a day and it is controlled by our internal and external camera system that archives old records’ images. Our vehicles in dedicated vehicle park managements, driver cabins and loading fields are tracked by camera systems 7 days a week and 24 hours a day online. Thus, possible damages, miss use, missing products etc. deliveries that have problems and receiving of the products are monitored by cameras and solved. The customers who have these services can monitor their deliveries whenever they want online by using their user information specified for themselves.