Partial Distribution

Partial Distribution Operations

In all of the regions of the country Anitaş logistics aim to reach a national distribution network and performs the partial distribution organization of palet and package based industrial products for all regions of Turkey by the organization that is created together with its own lines, work partners and regional agents.

Anitaş having the aim of associating the partial distribution service with technological infrastructure monitors sending process which starts from delivery pionts and ends with the last receiver with the help of KPI reports and informs its customers and performs its operations with zero damage rate target.

Anitaş especially specialized with partial distribution of fragile food and food stuff plans distribution organizations according to product groups and it receives the products from the customer points within Marmara region and consolidates them in storage and transfer center placed within Kocaeli/Çayırova location and reaches to all regions of country with entrance of every other day.