About Us

Anitaş Logistic, has been founded in order to produce boutique services in Eurpean Standard which are competitive, innovator within the fields of “highway transportation services”,

“Storage Solutions”, “Value Added Projects” and “Dedicated Vehicle Park Manaements” in country by starting its journey with the slogan of “Boutique Service Modern Solutions”.
Anital Logistics  which aim to increase its service quality day by day with its strong structure and portfolio which is compsed of global trademark and partners and which has 90 % of its costomer portfolio in Turkey performs work processes which are flexible, fast, rachable, solution based and decision maker insomuch as a small-scaled local company in Anitaş Logistics operational managements.

Therefore, customers can receive  manageable, flexible, result oriented services and provide a collaboration with the right logistic solution partner so that they can meet theiroperational quality standards and corporate requirements.

Anitaş Logistics presents especially food stuff, food additives, ink and paint, feed additive products, industrial product groups and all the work logistic processes just as storing, stock management, order management, product preparement, transportation interurban, partial and micro distribution operations just after the export and imprt of the customers, sector free Project based logistsic services and the delivery of the product until the last receiver and the reports for  the customer informing reports after the delivery with the help of a perception based on special boutique and institutional management.

Anitaş being aware of placed within a sector that include many rivals and that is hard; reaches to the service receivers having the perception of institutional management  aims long term project based job collaboration within the context of openness, trust, improvement and modern solution principles.”