Martaş Automative and Anitaş Logistics Solution Partnership

Anitaş Logistic gives the service or light trade dedicated vehicle hiring operations to be used in transportation performed for customers in related regions from the warehouses placed in locations of Martaş Autmoative in İzmir and Ankara which is a leaderand long established company in automative spare parts sector from the beginning of 2019 January.

We started online Visuable Application in our dedice vehicles

We instantly monitor and control vehicle driving of our drivers and safety of our products by a camera infrastructure which our customers can Access online fort he vehicles that are tracked with GPRS previously within the context of dedicated vehicle park services.

Our İzmir operation point is active

Our first operation point has been active in İzmir Atatürk Organized Industry Çiğli locationwithin the context of our regional growth target out of İstanbul.

TENDA & Anitaş Logistic Storage Services Solution Partnership

Tenda which is the leader producer of Chinese network devices and equipments built in 1999 has preferred Anitaş for its Logistic operations in Turkey.

Synflex and Anitaş Logistic Distribution Services and storage solution Partnership

Synflex has preferred Anitaş Logistics for logistic operations in Turkey which dominates European market in electrical engine, transformer and automative industry fields with 150 years history. Anitaş continues its growth in customer portfolio that it targeted with the principle of Boutique Service Modern Solutions while producing services to global trademarks in Turkey.

We are a sponsor in Boxing in amateur branches

It is an important and exiting step for us to be a sponsor of the organization performed between Fenerbahçe Boxing Club and German Club which will be held in İstanbul Maltepe and to support amateur branches. We wish all the attenders and sportsman good luck.

Lojisoft ERP Solution and our technology Investments Continues

We had agreement with Doa Soft company fort he software infrastructure which will manage our process that start from warehouse to the final delivery point in order to perform the monitoring, control, reporting and recording of our logistic operations, we started our studies for webbased Lojsoft software solution which is flexible and can be integrated with SAP, Oracle etc.

Sütiş and Anitaş Logistic +4 Cold Distribution Solution Partnership

Dry products and +4C cold product distributions of the Sütiş Restaurant Companies within İstanbul performed from İstanbul as exist point to the branches of İzmir Ankara and Bursa are provided by Anitaş Logistic as of 2017 Feburary.

DSM Food and Anitaş Logistic Warehouse Services Solution Partnership

DSM (Dutch State Mines) has been established as a state company in 1902 in netherlands. This company has continued to its activities on the basis of fertilizers and chemicals and economically grown then in 2002 DSM has sold its petrochemical department, in 2003 October has purchased Vitamin and Chemical Materials department of Roche, after that has purchased Vitatene, Martek, ONC, Fortitech, Aland companies and continued its activities in the name of DSM Nutritional Products. It continues its activities in animal vitamins production in the production facility placed within Kocaeli Gebze Organized ındustry Area in Turkey. Free Storag requirements and logistic management of the imported goods and the goods produced in factory has been performed by our company as of 2017 in Akse Logistic facility.

We moved on to our new center Office

We will be in our new Office in the new year. We will continue to our activities in our Office that is placed in Omega Deniz Plaza 1st flat but notice that we were in another flat in this building before. We will be appreciated to have our guests in our new Office. Girne Mah. Girne Cad. Omega Deniz Plaza N:117-121 Flat:1 No:10 Maltepe.

Our new Logistic Warehouse is active

Our company’s existing logistic warehouse which was in Gebze before has moved on to another location by the reason of changed customer demands. Our new logistic storage facility has closed area without colons which is 3300 m2 in total that is placed in Kocaeli/Çayırova Akse district.

We delivered new vehicles to Huber Group Project

Huber Group logistic operations will be performed by Anitaş Logistic in the last quarter of the year 2015.

Huber Group and Anitaş Logistic Partnership

Huber Group which is centered in Germany has preferred our company Anitaş Logistics as being provider of logistic services in logistic operations, transportation and distribution in Turkey. Huber Group logistic operations were started to be performed performed by Anitaş Logistic in the last quarter of the year 2015 gradually and after feedback of the customers positively Anitaş Logistics became one and only logistic solution partner in transportation, distribution and dedicated vehicle park operations for Huber Group within the context of the contract signed in 2016.

KERRY NUTRIMENT & Anitaş Logistic Partnership

After the one of the world’s giant company Irish Kerry Group has purchased PST Bakery Services in turkey Anitaş Logistics shall perform all the logistic processes required in food market in Turkey (order preparation, micro distribution return operations of distributed products in all regions of the country).